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Victory Car Rental Heraklion

Car Rental Fodele Beach

Victory Car Rental at Heraklion Fodele Beach is the company that you should trust for your Heraklion car hire. Why? Because renting a car in Heraklion with Victory is the best value for money. You will get brand new or slightly used cars in amazing condition at the most affordable prices in Heraklion. Therefore, Heraklion car rentals is the ideal and most efficient way to explore the unique beauties of the island of Fodele Beach. And do not worry, our wide range of rental cars in Heraklion will ensure that you find the perfect match for your budget!

Car Hire Fodele Beach

Peugeot 308 CC Cabrio
Fodele Beach Car Rentals
Cabrio (I)
4 1 3 Doors M
€46 /day
Kia Sportage
Car Rentals Fodele Beach
Family Jeeps (S1)
5 4 5 Doors M
€43 /day
Fiat Tipo Station Wagon
Car Hire Fodele Beach
Station Wagon (E3)
5 3 5 Doors M
€50 /day
Suzuki Grand Vitara Diesel
Rental Cars Fodele Beach
Family Jeeps Diesel (S4)
5 3 5 Doors M
€50 /day
Suzuki Jimny (Hard Top)
Fodele Beach Car Rental
4x4 Jeeps Hard Top (S)
5 4 5 Doors M
€36 /day
Jeep Renegade Automatic
Rent a Car Fodele Beach
Family Jeeps Automatic (S2)
5 4 5 Doors A
€50 /day
Fiat 500H Cabrio Automatic
Car Rental Fodele Beach
Mini Cabrio Automatic (I3)
4 1 3 Doors A
€44 /day
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Automatic Diesel
Fodele Beach Rent a Car
Mini Vans 7 Seats Automatic Diesel (J2)
7 5 5 Doors A
€50 /day
Fiat Ducato Diesel Long
Fodele Beach Rental Cars
Vans 9 Seats Diesel Long (K3)
9 5 4 Doors M
€57 /day
Nissan Micra
Fodele Beach Car Hire
Medium Family (C)
5 3 5 Doors M
€19 /day

Rental Cars Fodele Beach

With so many rent a car companies servicing Fodele Beach in Crete, you likely feel lost and confused. To make things worse, they all guarantee the best cheap car rental at Fodele Beach which is simply not true. Above all, they promise no hidden charges when you rent a car at Fodele Beach. However, Victory Car Rental Fodele Beach is different. Search and Compare car hire deals for Fodele Beach and you will soon realise that we have the best rates. As for the hidden charges, upgrade to FDW insurance and rent a car at Fodele Beach Crete without credit card. There is no other way that will give you complete peace of mind when driving your Fodele Beach car rentals!

  • Your Fodele Beach car hire includes CDW, Theft and Third Part Liability insurance in the price!
  • In case of breakdown, we guarantee replacement of your Fodele Beach car rental within 24 hours at most!
  • Always get the first additional driver for free when you hire a car at Fodele Beach with Victory!
  • Rent a car in Fodele Beach with Victory and you always get safe, clean and well-maintained vehicles!
  • For delayed arrivals for pickup, Victory will not charge you extra during working hours for your car hire at Fodele Beach!